"Simply put, this is one of the best mezcals I have ever tasted," said Lampert. It's big and robust and somehow still goes down so easy, with an endless finish. I absolutely crave it."


“That said, as far as cocktail making is concerned, your best bet is to find an affordably priced but still well produced bottle.”


“If you want to taste the same kind of agave that has been converted into a spirit in an heirloom manner, try La Luna Tequilana.”


In many ways, La Luna is the mezcal story of our times— a return to the homeland by an immigrant son who is creating jobs, shining a light on an under appreciated region of Mexico, and making quality mezcal.


Tequila Gran Dovejo selected in the top 10 Craft Tequilas as voted by USA Today's 10best


Puente-Internacional Making Headlines