Gustoso Artisanal Mexican Rum is produced from 100% locally grown sugarcane grown exclusively in the highlands of Michoacan, Mexico.

The terroir and cool nights of this high altitude create ideal conditions for the cultivation of sugar cane and creation of a complex, deeply flavored rum known as Gustoso Artisanal Mexican Rum. The family-run sugar cane farms crafts sustainably produced, small-batch rum that stands in stark contrast to the lighter, mass-produced options. is dier, more flavorful twist is beloved by serious rum aficionados and mixologists, and the communities in Mexico.

Gustoso Artisanal Mexican Rum is made from 100% sugar cane grown on family farms near Los reyes, Michoacan. A smooth, richly-flavored, medium-bodied dark golden rum with depth and woody complexity. Not as sweet as many Caribbean rums, Gustoso rum is a must for serious rum aficionados and rum mixologist seeking a Mexican twist to tradition.